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Platform Communiqué March 25, 2002


Filipino Migrants in Europe Urge Legislators Passage of AVB Now!


More than 300 Overseas Filipinos from migrant community organisations and from cultural, women, church groups strongly urged Philippine Senators and Congress Representatives for the immediate passage of the Absentee Voting Bill (AVB) during bicameral Congressional Consultation in Rome on March 21, 2002.


The same urgent message was conveyed in letters read out during the Consultation from Platform member organisations and other migrant organisations, from several countries in Europe: Spain, France, Belgium, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy and Greece.


The sentiment of the Overseas Filipinos in Europe was loud and clear. We want the immediate passage of the law and its implementation for elections 2004!


Overseas Voting is indeed a hot and urgent issue. It is hot like a pandesal keeping alive our right to suffrage. It is also hot as an urgent, fundamental human and constitutional right. Our  struggle and demand for the realisation of this political and civil right links us together –across the diaspora of  7 million overseas Filipinos.


Key concerns flagged up during the dialogue included the following points:





As for 2004 elections, the migrant community in Europe made a strong commitment as to good practice to ensure the safeguarding the integrity and security of all stages of the electoral process.


Were the legislators convinced? Although the Legislators were reluctant to hear about the 15-year denial of our right, however the overall indicators are positive. They gave their commitment that they are for it! They have decided to synchronise the two bills of both Chambers in order to expedite immediate legislation.


Let’s look forward then for ACTION NOW  in this current 12th Congress!