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End the political exclusion of more than 7 million of the nation's "modern-day heroes"!   The 1987 Constitution requires Congress to pass a law enabling overseas Filipinos to vote! After 14 years, where is that law?

  Last modified:  03/12/2005 07:40:24 AM

List of Contributors to the August Delegation Visit Common Fund

Purpose of the common fund: To defray expenses (food, local transportation, logistics, etc.) for our 5-day delegation visit/legislative lobby (for the passage of an overseas voting law) on August 19 to 23.   Delegates pay their own plane fares and accommodation.

Note (8/31):

  • The peso gained strength while we were in Manila--from around 54/dollar two weeks earlier, it gained up to 50/dollar the week we were there.
  • The list is partial (KAKAMMPI has the complete list)--it does not include contributions from Platform Europe and eLagda.
  • As a result of the contributions of those who couldn't attend, we covered the suggested donation (2,000 pesos) for those who were not in the position to pay--thus, a 4,000-peso donation covered two delegates.
  • If you contributed and but can't find your name on the list, please alert us of the oversight.
Name Amount in pesos (at 50/dollar)
Dr. David Roble  10,000
Yeenyeen    3,750
Rafael Abordo    5,000
Ricky Sardiosa    5,000
Elena Escosa    1,000
Sherry Alviso      500
Emmanuel Manz    5,000
Joe Pascual    2,500
Marvin Bionat    7,250
Daphne Ceniza-Kuok  12,000
Dr. Chee Garcia    2,000
Dr. Edong del Rosario    2,000
Robert Ceralvo    2,000
Cathy Ledesma      500
Rhacel Parrenas    2,000
Total (based on partial list) 60,500
Total Expenses 92,000
  The balance was covered by Platform and eLagda.

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