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New York Times (8/21/16):

Featured Articles/News Clips
HuffPost: Cultural Amnesia And The Turbulent History Of The Philippines
World Bank confirms assistance to PHL in rebuilding Marawi City
Russian warships dock in Philippines as Manila cultivates new ties
LA Times: Trump to meet with the Philippines' Duterte
Global Voices: Human Rights Groups Ask Apple to Reject Duterte Games
WSJ: Inside the Philippines' Bloody War Against Islamist Militants
NYT: Philippines Calls City ‘Liberated,’ Months After ISIS Allies Seized It
BBC: Philippines unrest: Who are the Abu Sayyaf group?
Aljazeera: Marawi siege: Army kills Abu Sayyaf, Maute commanders
CNBC: Trump will meet with Philippine strongman
BBC: Filipinos rally around iconic jeepney drivers
NAR: Foreign investors grow wary of committing to Philippines
Bloomberg: Slim Pickings in Philippine Family Values
NYT: Philippines Retreats From Threat to Expel E.U. Envoys
Reuters: Duterte hopes drugs war shift will satisfy 'bleeding hearts'
The Guardian: Duterte pulls Philippine police out of brutal war on drugs
The Telegraph: Duterte says he could throw out EU diplomats 'within 24 hours'
CNBC: The Philippines' strongman is losing popularity as citizens tire of drug war
TuftsNow: Eye on the Philippines
The National: Remittances remain crucial to Philippines economy
The Telegraph: Horror of Manila 'killing fields' revealed ...
VOA: Philippines Seeks to Improve Relations with US
Reuters: Philippines says policy trumps popularity after Duterte ratings dip
Newsweek: Fanatics Plot NY Attacks from "Terror Breeding" Ground Philippines
The Guardian: New York terrorist plot suspect a surgeon from Philippines Isis hotbed
Aljazeera: Philippines' top diplomat defends Duterte's drug war
SCMP: China arms Philippine police for counterterrorism mission
The Diplomat: Who is the Philippines’ New Army Chief?
e27: What role does the Philippines play in helping international startups?
The Diplomat: What’s in the New China Military Aid to the Philippines?
Reuters: Duterte takes aim at graft agency head for query on his wealth
Euromoney: The Philippines: The two sides of Nestor Espenilla
Reuters: Bato says won't stop cops from seeking church sanctuary
NBC News: Las Vegas Shooter Wired $100,000 to the Philippines
Independent: Police locate (Filipina) female roommate of Vegas gunman
New York Times: Church Offers to Protect Police Who Testify on Philippines’ Drug War
Bloomberg: Duterte Dismisses Allegations He's Hiding Millions
Reuters: Chinese builders scramble for a piece of Philippines construction boom
Daily Mail: Philippines gets $415.2 mn loan to help flood control
Reuters: Philippines to explore for oil and gas with China near disputed waters
World Economic Forum: Country Profile: Philippines
Forbes: Duterte's Philippines, Still Corrupt And Less Competitive
Reuters: Philippine leader changes his tune with praise for U.S. 'allies'
Aljazeera: A day of rage against President Duterte
Reuters: Duterte wants U.S. help in fighting drugs, blames triads
Reuters: Philippines' booming casino sector at risk of oversupply
Newsweek: Death of Philippine Presidential Security Guard Raises Questions
New York Times: Fof Isolated Town, a Planned Road Is a Lifeline and a Worry  
One week to cross a street: how IS pinned down Filipino soldiers in Marawi
SCMP: HK$150 for CHR: A Turning Point in in War on Drugs?
DW: Multinationals polluting oceans with plastic in the Philippines
The Guardian: Duterte says his son will be killed if he is involved in drugs
BBC News: Mass protest in Philippines over Duterte 'dictatorship'
New York Times: Duterte’s Enablers
Bangkok Post: Philippines is lone rate hike candidate in region
Wall Street Journal: Thousands Protest Duterte’s Drug War, Martial Law
Pew Global: Filipinos Still Favor U.S. Over China, but Gap Is Narrowing Prisons overflowing with hungry inmates as drug war intensifies
Wall Street Journal: Philippines Threatens Martial Law
Reuters: Actress goes solo to push for end to Philippines drug war
Telesurvtv: National Democratic Front Condemns Worsening Military Violations
The Guardian: Entire city police force sacked in Philippines after murder claims
CNBC: Philippine infrastructure program could grant businesses 'manna from heaven'
Time: In the Philippines, Human Rights Have a Precise Value: $20
Tech Wire Asia: Internet sluggish as usual? This deal will change that
BBC News: Duterte drug war: Philippines cuts rights body's budget to $20
Washington Post: The death of a Philippine teen was supposed to be a turning point ...
The Diplomat: Rising Outrage Over Duterte’s War on Drugs
Wall Street Journal: US Deploys Drone in Fight Against Islamic-State Linked Militants
Daily Mail: Philippines seeks big cut in drug rehab budget
Reuters: Some rebels ready to surrender as troops advance in Marawi
HRW: Philippines: Abusive ‘Drug War’ Targets Children The flight of Lola Catalina Lorenzo
HRW: License to Kill: Philippine Police Killings in Duterte’s “War on Drugs”  
Duterte says no peace talks without communists' ceasefire
Nikkei Asian Review: US offers $2m for Philippines drug war
BBC: Philippine President Duterte's son denies drugs role
Aljazeera: Duterte's son questioned over illegal drug smuggling
Bloomberg: Terror Fight, Rebuilding Marawi to Cost Philippines $1.1 Billion
Aljazeera: Philippine army and armed groups join forces in Marawi
Reuters: Duterte wants to keep open-pit mining ban
The Independent: Army chief claims women and children are 'shooting at troops'
Time: Investigators Say Police Murdered Teenager and Planted Evidence
HRW: Philippines’ Duterte Admits Murderous ‘Drug War’ is Unwinnable
Reuters: Jails, justice system at breaking point as Philippine drugs war intensifies France angers Philippines president in row over human rights
The Independent: Duterte says police should kill "idiots" who resist arrest
The Guardian: Human rights group slams Philippine president's threat to kill them
Time: Philippines Sees the Bloodiest Night of Duterte's Drug War With 32 Killed in Raids
The Financial Times (video): Two Sides to the Philippine Economy

Solutions Zone
Child Poverty in the Philippines
The Philippine Manufacturing Industry Roadmap
Reducing Extreme Poverty in the Philippines
Organic Crops Help Small Farmers Out of Poverty
Considerations on the Poverty Challenge

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Filipinos in the News
Youtube: Nine-Year-Old Filipina-American Gets Golden Buzzer in AGT
Youtube: Mikey Bustos Parodies Despacito
Yahoo: Pinoy Teacher Is 2014 Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Superal Outlasts Navarro for Girls' Junior Title
Daily News: Philippines-Born Math Teacher in Queens Inspires Students
The Guardian:  Peter Bradshaw Recommends Lav Diaz's Epic Film Norte
Youtube:  Filipino Talents Shine in Australia: Trinity Young, Jhoanna Aguila, Mary Ann
Ven Der Horst, Marlisa Punzalan, Justin Vasquez, Jal Joshua, Erin Miranda, Trill

Yolanda Aid Watch
Foreign Aid Transparency Hub

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